Thursday, November 20, 2008


No, not new designs. But it was nice to have an excuse to make these cuties again. Would you believe—I hadn’t folded a bird-base in six months??

It feels good.


GeNiUs Kid said...

i like the designs. really perfect gift but can you show instruction to make that origami bird?


saadya said...

No can do. I don’t have the time just now for diagrams. However, the model is not too difficult. I did not want it to take 50 steps, or it would have been a bird by Robert Lang; or 70 steps, or it would have been a bird by Satoshi Kamiya (not that there is anything wrong with that). So it is about 30 steps long. The annoying part is the point-split feet, but that adds a little something, don’t you think? Intermediate steps shown & described at . For anyone who’s done a little origami it shouldn’t be too hard to reconstruct.