Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

'Bela', by Saadya Sternberg
at the "Paper Creatures" exhibit, Jaffa Museum

I'm just back from the opening of "Paper Creatures" at the Jaffa Museum.  Many magnificent works there (about half origami) and much to think about--it will take me several days to ponder it all.  For the time being here is an unsorted preview of the few things I have decent photos of.

Meanwhile--I have pieces in this exhibition too, which if they do not lower the average level, certainly do not lead the works in it. As a place-keeper I'll just post here the text I wrote a few months ago that's meant to go with my display.

Aviva Green (till October 15, 2016)

If you care about high art--not just in its origami forms--and you like great splashing colors--and just happen to be in New York City this month----may I suggest that you RUN to see Aviva Green's  "Clouds, Canyons and Waterways", a show of paintings at Kenkeleba House.
 (Wilmer Jennings Gallery,  219 East 2nd Street @ Avenue B, East Village, 212 674-3939).