Thursday, January 15, 2009


This is, I believe, the first successful reconstruction (with a minor extension) of the beautiful Concentric Circles form by the late David Huffman.

I wrote about this form once before, and was a bit brash and over-confident about it. It is NOT a simple cone with concentric folds about its center, as I then thought, but is slightly more sophisticated.

Mea culpa. In my own behalf I can say

1. It’s very hard to tell things from a photograph, especially a face-on one that flattens the object

2. None of the other people who have written about this, and who ought to know, got it exactly right either

3. If it weren’t for my mistake, I would never have come up with that neat wind up toy. Which it seems now I can even take credit for.

Invented March, 2008. I've written about this form elsewhere.

Here is the Huffman idea again. A pattern of serene geometry, an otherworldly form.


added July 1, 2009: I just saw essentially the same explorations of cone-folding in Ron Resch's gallery, dated to 1969-1970. He and Huffman knew each other; but I have no information on who looked at these ideas first. Still, Resch's published explorations of cone-folding (no longer available on the internet) are much wider.