Wednesday, November 05, 2008


oschene said...


Leyla Torres said...

Beautiful fold! It seems as if you just gently touched the paper into this shape!!

saadya said...

Thanks Philip

and I've been following your 'urn studies' with great interest and trepidation

saadya said...

Dear Layla,
Your remark as always is right on target. --I have been a silent admirer of yours for quite some time.

Three-quarters of the effect here comes from the beautiful paper--thickish and slightly spongy, that absorbs humidity and acts as if it were wet-folded. One quarter is the design, which uses continuous long lines whenever possible, and tries to preserve the fragility and tenderness that a flower has at its edge (the ‘cut edge’ in origami being so rarely used.)

Thanks for the remark!