Sunday, November 09, 2014

Bas Reliefs ("Emerging" Series)

These are all from uncut A4 sheets of cover-stock.  And of the A4-- I'm only using the bottom edge, so that three of the paper's edges remain untouched (except of course for the consumed parts).

The aim is to have the face peer out mysteriously from the interior of the sheet.

You get the idea.

Of course there's no law that says these have to be kept in their flattish state:



Leyla Torres said...

I love the fact that you leave part of the paper flat and the faces emerge from it like magic....Thank you Saadya for sharing these photos as well as your thought process as you pursue this kind of work (read your post in the olist)

Canine Design, LLC said...

Beautiful Saadya. Well done. These are special.