Monday, November 14, 2011

"Eyeball" series

Starting out, I did not intend this to be a self-portrait. But I'm told now that this is not a conclusion I can exactly avoid....

You be the judge.

Anyway. So, I figured out how to do eyeballs properly from origami, and now am going crazy putting eyes on everything.

Note the magnets--the lozenge-shaped thingies. I use those on the 3D surface in places where clips can't reach, to hold layers together as the misted paper dries. (The paper is pre-treated with methyl cellulose and a light ink rub, so it stiffens up nicely.) --Anybody else do this?



Sanja OrigamiArt said...

Great portraits, especially the one in your family line. Love the eyes :)
Best, Sanja

Ayrel said...

What a very nice job!
And so expressive faces!!
And so huge faces, no?


gachepapier said...

Yes, I use magnets in this very same manner ;)

The eyes are definitely interesting, congratulations !

Santiago Mielgo said...

Yes, I use magnets too to glue layers or parts in the center of a model. You can use chopsticks and ruber bands too.

I met you in Madrid convention this year. I'm the boy of the fabric furoshiki bags.

saadya said...

Hi Sanja, good as always to hear from you, Cheers!

saadya said...

Ayrel, thanks for the comment. No they’re not so big, mostly under life-size (60-90%)

saadya said...

Gachepaper, I’m a relative newcomer to MC use (all brands I tried before didn’t work, till Jorge Gracia in Zaragoza showed me his
“Metylan” by Henkel), so seem to be rediscovering only now tricks like the magnets you and others use.

Actually it’s worse than this: for years I never HAD layers that needed a fixed relative position, and worked entirely from the interior of the sheet, foreswearing use of corners, edges, layers or true ‘flaps.’ Now I'm getting away from this obnoxious purism & tilting a bit toward the mainstream—while still trying to preserve my ‘clean’ look

saadya said...

Of course I remember you Santiago, that was solid performance art I saw in El Escorial. If you’re ever in Germany you should look up Stefan Weber, or in Holland Marieke de Hoop— other gifted origami performers. Better yet: find someone who knows how to shoot & edit videos, add some music, and your fabric folds will go viral on youtube

Raffaela Loffredo said...

Great job! Congrats!!!

Raffaela Loffredo