Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Toward a Lineless Origami

It's not entirely impossible as a goal, as these experiments show.
But how far can this be taken?


Posting these before I ruin her face from overwork, as I surely will. You can still see the smoothness of the paper I am trying to preserve. --S.


Added Nov. 17. Here she is at a later stage.

And finished:


dinogami said...

This is less origami and more "paper denting and pinching"...

Sanja said...

I very much like your origami sculptures, Saadya. Do go on :)

Daniel Naranjo said...

muy muy interesante!!! en particular me encanta el ojo que tienes detallado

saadya said...

Thanks Daniel. I still don't have the 'independent eye' under control, to where I can use it in a real sculpture. There are too many side effects (for now). --S