Friday, November 20, 2009

Pajaro para Román

In honor of his


Anonymous said...

Very nice design. Congratulation.
You can send me the diagram?
osvaldo Diaz

Anonymous said...

Wonderful bird and colour changes, Saadya, I love that bird!

Best regards from Bilbao
José Ignacio Royo

Anonymous said...

Nice bird, Saadya, I like it very much! The second version is marvellous.

Best regards from BIlbao

José Ignacio Royo.

Román said...

Thanks so much Saadya, as always your are looking for the lost origami.

saadya said...


I'm glad you like it. I will get around to diagramming this bird one of these days, but meanwhile, it is a Fish Base with one tail split into five points, and the fins used as the sixth and seventh. The front is locked by an asymmetrical reverse fold. Try it!

saadya said...

Ignacio, thank you! No legs but perhaps they aren't always necessary, and the other details make up for the lack. Regards!

saadya said...

Hello Roman!

Is it really lost origami? I think that bits and pieces of what makes "modern" "technical" folding--like point-splitting, color changes, 3D effects, locks (all of which this bird has) can be used to serve "simplicity", meaning a clear form and a lightness of spirit which birds in origami still often have. So "all is not lost"


Antonio Sarabia said...

Here's something you surely wouldn't want to miss:
I constantly read your blog. You are a great asset to my (as I like to consider it) formation as an origamist. Thank you.

saadya said...

Thank you so much Antonio for the link, the bird photos are indeed inspiring. One day there will be an origami that approaches this. --S