Thursday, August 28, 2008

David Ben Gurion


José Ignacio Royo said...

Hi, Saadya!

Nice sculpture! Is it a tribute to your old university, perhaps? ;-)

Best regards, from Bilbao.

José Ignacio Royo.

saadya said...

Hola Ignacio

Actually it is a tribute to a leader, and to leadership, in a time of idiots, cowards and petty crooks. (The University had the idea to pay this tribute, a little before me.) By the way I am considering doing a series on this subject---all of my personal heroes.

So good to hear from you. And I still have thoughts of your fine city of Bilbao, and its possibilities. One day--actually, the very moment you decide--there will be an origami explosion there.

Regards, temporarily from New York