Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Curved Folding, revisited

Work in progress. (i.e., I haven’t ruined it yet.)

The aim and method is the same: the minimization of lines; the exploration of the inherent softness there is in smooth paper surfaces joined by curves and open folds. I think in the end paper has more possibility for expressing tenderness, or at least receptivity, than even skin on flesh, nature’s original. But for that one needs to get away from the angularity of most origami.

It’s been about a year since I’ve done anything new in this direction. I guess we all have stages where that keening high origami brings, fades of itself or is forcibly set aside. I have Joseph Wu to thank with his invitation to exhibit at Vancouver's Pendulum Gallery (in tandem with PCOC 2007) for getting me jump-started: What I sent him may have been older material, or things derived from older ideas, but the juices now seem to be flowing. I doubt that anything less than the knowledge that people like Joseph and Michael LaFosse and possibly Roman Diaz will be there (among other luminaries) to see those things and harrumph at them, could have got me going---