Sunday, April 01, 2007

More Blooms

These three are activated: Click to watch them bloom.

No radically new flowers invented since the last post: instead I've been working on everything that surrounds them--the background card action, the necesary leaves, stems, vases etc; while rapidly trying to figure out how to film these things (my double-chin finally having found its purpose and vocation).

Where things are headed: More and more I want the background card to pick up the non-flower elements; and I'd like to purify this so that the card too is origami as far as possible. Recent experiments suggest that very nice pop-ups can be made of just origami corrugation patterns--I mean, dropping the flowers altogether. I'm a little reluctant to go in this direction as there are some VERY talented people out there already doing similar things, who can do a better job of it if they cared to: I mean of course Fernando Sierra, Ray Schamp, Polly Verity, and Christine Edison, to pick a few names at random. One thing I've been exploring that I don't believe has been done yet by the tessellations crew, is mixing elements which are corrugation-based, and therefore expand in all directions, with those which are 'fixed' or 'hard-folded' and don't (or at most flatten boringly when pulled on).

A book is in the offing: The Handbook of Blooming Origami.

Stay tuned--more blooms may be appearing in the coming days. Its spring after all


to whom it applies: Pesach Kasher VeSameah
Happy Holidays, everyone.


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